Foodie Friday – The Harbour Bistro Portrush Northern Ireland

I recently spent a long weekend in Portrush, I was house and dog sitting. It was the most atrocious weather imaginable so it was a delight to find, not only the lovely warm and dog friendly Harbour Bar, but also this great bistro. The full name of the place is the Harbour Bistro and Woodburning Grill and my goodness it has changed since my college days nearly 5 decades ago, it’s where we used to go, as students, to an Open Mic Night in the days when there was an outside toilet!

I was so thrilled with the place that it has already had a mention in two of my previous blogs, Saturday Selfie – Revisiting My Portrush Past and House Sitting In Portrush Northern Ireland.

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I hadn’t planned to eat there, in fact it was my intention to go home and cook, but I had such an enjoyable time in the dog friendly bar at the front that I stayed longer than I intended and was too hungry to take the time to go home and cook.

Inside The Harbour Bistro Portrush

The Bistro is a lovely warm and inviting place, the wood burning grill certainly adds to the inviting ambience, the staff were super friendly and eager to please, the food was excellent and, relative to UK prices, very affordable.

My Meal

I had a rump steak that came served with a huge pile of crispy onions, some tomato and a choice of sauces, for which there was no extra charge, it was priced at £8.00. Side dishes were £2.00, I opted for creamed spinach with cheese, I love spinach and it’s not often seen on menus where I live.

All the food that went past me looked great and the presentation was excellent, I would have loved to have been able to take more photographs but not sure the people beside me would have appreciated it! Shame I was dining solo, I only got to try one thing.

I saw some really interesting sharing platters being served to some of the other customers, Nachos with dips presented on raised platters, and the Cheese Fondue with bread looked like a great way to keep people’s hands busy and let go of their phones for a while!

I was there on a Friday before 6.30pm so I chose from the 468 Winter Menu. Part of the menu has a selection of dishes costing £4.00, £6.00 or £8.00 while still offering a wide range of other dishes at varying prices.

The Deserts

I am not much of a desert person but I was sorely tempted by the selection on offer. All deserts are £5.50.

The Harbour Bistro is just one of six restaurants, all located around the harbour area, owned by Ramore Restaurants, if you take a look at their website or their facebook page, Ramore Restaurants, you will see that there is something to suit everyone and if the standard is as high as the Harbour Bistro then you should be well satisfied. The website is extremely well laid out, you can view the menus for each of the restaurants and see which is best suited to your taste. As an example, The Basalt has a Spanish influence, The Mermaid Kitchen has a focus on seafood, and Neptune and Prawn has many Asian inspired dishes.

So, in a nutshell, Ramore Restaurants has created a hub of eating places to cater for all tastes, in an ideal and picturesque setting, a perfect end to a day out in Portrush. I am thrilled to have been invited back to do another house sit in June and I know exactly where I will be headed on at least one of the nights.

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