Marketing Monday Sustainable Gifts

Are you looking for ways to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Maybe you have already made some changes but would like to encourage others to do the same. One way of passing on an ethos of being environmentally friendly is to give people eco-friendly gifts, sustainable gifts, upcycled gifts or gifts made from recycled materials.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate and referral links which reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost for you).

Make Some Changes

I have been attempting to lead an eco-friendly life for many years, I think my first change was to stop using bleach around 30 years ago. I have made many changes since then and have been a distributor for eco-friendly products for several years. It can be daunting to make massive changes all at once but you can implement changes a few at a time. Take a look at the products that I distribute and see what swaps you can make to replace some of your usual items. You can click through to the warehouse HERE.

On the website you will find a great selection of household cleaning products, toiletries, health, personal care items, plastic free items and a huge range of vegan and/or organic items. We deliver to the UK only at the moment and orders over £50 are free to most UK addresses. All packaging used is plastic free and eco-friendly.

Also, with Mothers Day coming up soon in the UK you might want to think about an eco-friendly gift for your Mum, have a look HERE, check out the gift section of the website.

Yes, I Still Fly

Yes, this is mainly a blog about budget travel and sometimes, in these days of greater awareness of our carbon footprint, people ask me if I feel guilty about flying and, yes I do, but living on an island it’s simply too expensive for me to travel without flying. I fly from Dublin with Ryanair, and they are Europe’s greenest, cleanest airline. Once I am on mainland Europe I no longer fly if I am travelling long distances, I use buses, often night buses, and occasionally trains. Also, because I am spending time in a warmer climate I use far less heat than I would at home, often none (I am accustomed to using hot water bottles for heat).

I have reduced my carbon footprint in so many other ways, for instance, I no longer have a vehicle, I have never had a tumble dryer, and I have been recycling for decades, so I feel that goes a long way to balancing things out. We all need to pay attention to how we live and make sensible changes where and when we can. I don’t buy stuff either, not unless I really need it, too many people shop because it’s a hobby not a necessity.

Concerned About Excessive Packaging?

Here’s a really great scheme for re-using your cardboard boxes. Give Back Box. This scheme allows you to fill a box with unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, books, anything that might be useful and send it for FREE to a charity of your choice. You can read all the details on their website

Back To Gifts Now!

Having said all this though, here I am encouraging you to shop! Well, as it’s gifts I am pointing you towards, and not something simply for yourself, I hope you will forgive me, I also hope you will make a purchase, after all I need to earn a living like the rest of you and the only way possible for me is online.

So here are my suggestions for some eco-friendly and sustainable gifts available on Amazon UK. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you).
You can click or tap on the image, or use the underlined link in the text, to see the details and if you like what you find I hope you make a purchase.

Rose and Frankincense Cream & Serum Gift Set
100% Natural, Vegan, Moisturising, Anti Ageing, Cruelty Free.

Ecodrop Organic Face Cream
Advanced Non-Greasy Daily Facial Cream For Women, Made with 100% All Natural Ingredients, Moisturiser & Anti Ageing Treatment, Vegan, Eco Packaging

Vegan Ultimate Plus Natural Beauty Gift Box
For skin irritation, scrapes, bites, stings, rashes, itching, dry skin, eczema, chapped hands

Ladies Designer Hudson & James Cork
Clutch Wallet

Vegan RFID Blocking Shield Compact Card Holder Wallet Purse Multi Credit Card Women Clutch Wallet with Zip Pocket 

Upcycled Handbag – Water Resistant, Handmade in Italy, Eco-friendly Environmentally Friendly
Handcrafted using meticulously rolled and interwoven strands of Italian newspapers. How cool is that!

Cork Fabric Small Cross-Body bag
Cork fabric is also known as vegan leather because it is seen as the animal-friendly alternative to leather. It’s sustainable, biodegradable, and soft to the touch.

So, just a few ideas and if none of these appeal to you click through to Amazon on any of the links and have a browse around. I’m sure you can find something suitable for your needs.

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