Sunday Snippet – A Cautionary Tale

Do you do much research before you travel, or before you arrive at a particular destination? Not everyone enjoys researching but it can save you money if you do.

I am in Lisbon, Portugal at the moment and a friend arrived on a cruise ship the other day so we decided to meet up for the morning. While discussing where to meet, my friend sent me a photo of the information given by the cruise company.

For getting into the city centre they were offering a shuttle bus with a choice of two stops. This, they said would take about approx 20 minutes. It was also mentioned that people could walk into The Black Horse Square from the cruise terminal. There would be a charge of £5.00 each way for the bus.

As someone who has spent considerable time in Lisbon I didn’t think the destination for the coach was a particularly exciting stop and I had never heard of Black Horse Square! After doing a little research online I discovered that what they were describing as Black Horse Square was in fact, Praça do Comércio, which is where, I would suggest, is a much better starting point for anyone coming into Lisbon.

As for the distance, it only takes approx 11 minutes to walk to Praça do Comércio for FREE, and even if you wanted to walk to Praça da Figueira, which is the first stop they had suggested, if using the coach, it’s only a 22 minute walk. The cruise terminal in Lisbon is very convenient to the city and even within 5 or 10 minutes there are interesting parts to explore.

For instance, in the photograph below you can see how close the cruise terminal is to the old town. It only a 10 minute walk up to that view point and you will discover a multitude of tiny streets and quirky houses along the way plus a fair few cafe/bars.

It may only be £10 per person for the coach, if taken both ways, but for a couple that’s £20 and for a group or family of four it would be £40! Goodness the Hop On Hop Off bus tours in Lisbon start at €8.00, you can take a look at one company’s prices HERE. And, when I returned to the cruise terminal with my friend there was a Hop On Hop Off bus sitting in the terminal.

I was also horrified at the cost of the afternoon tour my friend was taking, but that’s another story, this is a Sunday Snippet so I’m stopping now.

A little bit of research and preparation can really pay off!

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Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate and referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost for you).


  1. Seems like a real rip-off doesn’t it? The port in Lisbon is so close to the city that it’s a lovely walk unlike some places where it miles and miles from the centre. Always worth researching where you are going.

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  2. I have done 5 cruises and learned to just walk off the ship where ever possible for great results. Sometimes it isn’t allowed due to health and safety reasons. I have been to Lisbon and Porto on cruises . Good places to stop.

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  3. I do research a lot before I travel to save on data on my phone and download the map and check on Google Maps for public transport.

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