Saturday Selfie – My Relationship With Showers

I am sure you are wondering what today’s title means. How can someone have a relationship with a shower? Well, the word relationship does not only refer to relationships between people it also refers to the way in which two or more people or things are connected and in this case I am using it to describe the relationship between a person (me) and a thing (a shower).

Having a shower is something that a certain percentage of the world population takes for granted, many people hop into the shower in the morning as soon as they get out of bed. Indeed, many people shower more than once a day.

Memories of Early Relationships

I have memories of showers in school after games and PE and they were cold and draughty, and definitely not a pleasant experience. I also remember cold showers after swimming in the outdoor saltwater pool we had in our town when I was a child. This wasn’t the most enjoyable of experiences either.

My First Love

It was only when I reached my early 40s (20+ years ago) that I had the first shower installed in my home. It was over the bath, with a shower curtain to contain the water. It wasn’t a high pressure electric shower, just one that required preheated water drawn from the immersion heater or back boiler. If you don’t know what an immersion heater or a back boiler is then you are a lot younger than I am!

It may have been rudimentary by today’s standards but gosh, I loved it. I used to shower before bed, because that’s when there was hot water from the back burner of the real coal fire (a luxury I still miss). Nothing could beat the feeling of the water hitting my body and the lovely fresh feeling of going to bed feeling super clean and refreshed. I loved that shower.

A Difficult Relationship

Later, when I moved to a newly built house I had a freestanding shower in one of the bathrooms. It was an electric shower so did not require the water to be preheated and instead of the shower curtain there were lovely clear glass panels.

My relationship with that shower may have started well but I soon tired of cleaning those stupid glass panels and the shower developed a leak! No matter how often I tried to fix the leak it persisted. No amount of silicone, no matter how carefully applied would stop the leak.

Our relationship deteriorated. I worried constantly, I lost sleep worrying about it. I started avoiding the shower, taking a bath in preference so as not not cause any further damage to the relationship. Then I acquired a lodger who used the shower every day and so the drip, drip, drip, continued, haunting my dreams until eventually drastic action had to be taken.

That shower and I parted company, and not on good terms. The damage had been insidious, leaving behind rotten floorboards and even a rotten joist and it had shaken my faith in relationships. I very nearly gave up on relationships with showers at that point but decided I would give it another go.

A Fresh Start

Having had a new shower fitted the next relationship was a much happier one until I got cancer and had to have 20 months of treatment. During those 20 months I had a PICC line inserted in my arm and this put a strain on the relationship. It was no longer the carefree experience of previous years, it became difficult and there was a certain awkwardness involved in having a shower while trying to keep my arm covered and dry. The joy had gone out of the relationship.

However, being the kind of person to give every relationship my best efforts things did improve over the next couple of years until I became ill once again. This time with a post-viral fatigue that left me sleeping for around 18 hours a day for many months. Sadly this brought about the end of the relationship, things were never quite the same and there was an irreconcilable breakdown when I could no longer afford to live in the house and so, reluctantly I sold it. I bear no ill feeling towards the shower, I hope it is now very happy with its new partners (yes, it is no longer a monogamous shower, it has multiple partners).

One Final Fling

Obviously I don’t learn from my mistakes because when I moved to my static caravan, which has been my home for seven years now, I allowed another shower into my life. I have to say though it has been the best shower ever! I have fantastic water pressure and it is a prefabricated shower pod with absolutely no joins that can leak. It even has two little corner seats in it.

One would imagine I would now be happy but sadly, because of ongoing issues with fatigue, I rarely shower. It just, quite simply, takes too much energy and it is energy that I prefer to keep for doing other things. Unless you have chronic fatigue I know it is hard to imagine quite how much energy it actually takes to have a shower but believe me, it takes a lot. When I do venture in, which may be once every couple of weeks, my faithful shower welcomes me with open arms and I do enjoy it. I am glad I have the seat to sit on, that helps immensely, but I need to have time afterwards to rest, it’s not a case of hopping in the shower and then going off to face the day.

My Illicit Relationship

I feel sad now, that having such a good and faithful shower, I can’t make more use of it, but such is life, we have to adapt to our circumstances, if we don’t we perish. I now have a great relationship with a washbasin, we spend time quality time together every day, but shush……….. don’t tell the shower!

I hope you enjoyed this. My Saturday Selfie posts are designed to give you a bit more of an insight into who I am and to allow me to step away from writing about travel for a while. It gives me a little more artistic licence and lets me flex my ‘writing style’ muscles.

If you would like to read any of my previous posts you can search below by month or in the search box.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate and referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost for you).


  1. I can relate to your relationship with the shower. I love my bath with Epsom salts. But to save time and water restrict the use to a few times a week and like you the sink is my daily wash facility.

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