Aveiro Rossio Hostel – Aveiro Portugal

I stayed here for two nights in January 2019 and paid €15 per night for a bed in a 5 bed dorm with breakfast included. It is a really cosy hostel with a great communal area.

If you would like to read more about Aveiro City I wrote about it in my previous post. A Stopover in Aveiro and The Best Ice Cream Ever.

The Communal Areas

One of the things I love about hostels, particularly in Portugal is the eclectic style of furnishings and the use of many repurposed items. It adds such interest to the place and creates a homely feel. Also, in these old restored buildings you often have the opportunity to see some wonderful tile work and sumptuous wood used in the corridors and stairwells. In this hostel there is a very comfortable lounge area and a work area with computers provided for the use of the guests.

Some of the communal spaces and corridors.

The Dorms and Rooms

The hostel has a mix of dorms and private rooms, as far as I know the private rooms have ensuite bathrooms. I was in a dorm up in the eves of the building which did not allow for bunks, due to the ceiling height. I was a little anxious about this as sleeping in a bunk does give a feeling of having some privacy as opposed to being out in the open and exposed in a single bed.

When I first checked in I was given a bed in the middle of the room and I went back down to reception and asked if I could have a bed against a wall, I felt this would be less exposed. My request, thankfully was granted and I was able to tuck myself in under the eves, against the wall, with a beam separating me from the next bed. It did give me the illusion, if nothing else, of having some privacy.

Each bed has a metal locker allocated to it and an individual reading light.

I did manage to see into one of the other dorms and it did have normal bunk beds which looked good and sturdy, and each bunk had an individual reading lights, and an under the bed locker.

The dorms

The Bathrooms

On the top floor there is a bathroom with a shower but unfortunately, when I was there, the shower was not working which was a pity because a fully equipped bathroom, to have all to yourself, is a real treat in a hostel. It gives you privacy and space, both of which can sometimes be hard to find.

On the next floor down there is a shared shower room with 2 shower cubicles. The shower cubicles have a good bit of space inside for dressing and lots of hooks which is always a big plus. The downside is that the partitions are made with opaque glass which is not popular with ladies (I think men might find it slightly more comfortable). I am uncertain why so many hostel use this type of partition, it may be a light issue.

Both bathrooms had a stool provided which is a thoughtful touch and sensibly placed mirrors.

The bathrooms

The Kitchen

The kitchen is another very homely arrangement with decent facilities for preparing your own food. There was free fruit available when I was there, a shelf for people to leave free food for others, and free cake which is cooked on the premises and filled the place with the mouthwatering smell of home baking.

A good breakfast is provided, bread, cake, fruit, cereal, ham, cheese, juice, coffee etc. When I stayed there was an abundant supply of oranges it was possible to squeeze your own oranges to make juice, I am not sure if this is a regular thing.

Outdoor Space

There is nice little outdoor seating area and also a rooftop drying area. Not sure if it’s meant for guests but if it’s there I’ll explore. And you can also see what’s out the back of the hostel. I am nothing if not curious.

The outdoor space

Lastly, A Nice Touch

I liked the map down at the reception area, that showed where people had travelled from. I just about managed to get a pin stuck in for myself.

The map

My Conclusion…………………

This is a well run, clean and comfortable hostel. It is in a great location close to the canals in Aveiro and provides a very substantial breakfast. Slightly lacking perhaps in having a social vibe but that can easily change depending on what guests are staying. I would definitely stay again if I were to re-visit Aveiro.

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Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate and referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost for you).


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