Saturday Selfie – Feeling a Smidgen Sorry For Myself

Why am I feeling sorry for myself? Because it’s hard, and it’s frustrating, being ill when you are away from home.

I’m actually writing this on Friday so that it is ready to publish as my Saturday post. I’m taking the easy way out and instead of writing a deeply profound post I’m being lazy and self-indulgent because I’m sick.

Truth be told, I’m always sick, I have a long term chronic condition, but for the last 3 days I also seem to have a low grade virus of some sort, my joints ache and I have been struggling to stay awake.

I have several posts partly prepared but I don’t feel I would do them justice if I finished them in a hurry. I have already put too much work into them to ruin them just because I want something to publish. So I’m making use of some awake time to write this.

Over the last 7 years, since I became ill, I have adjusted to my limitations, it now seems perfectly normal to me to only be able to go out maybe twice a week and rest on the days between. I have stopped looking on the recovery days as ‘lost days’, to continue to do that would be soul destroying but when I get sick on top of my ‘normal’ sick I do feel a bit cheated.

I have so many ideas

I have so many ideas for blog posts but they mostly involve getting out to take photographs and gather information, I don’t want to be writing about things that I have not experienced myself, but I think it may be a while before I do get out again. However I have a lot of information, stored on my laptop, about past trips, and once I have a little energy I can draw on that and maybe tell you about the amazing Pintxo bars in Bilbao, or the wonderful restaurant I ate in when I was in Malaga.

I have numerous house sitting adventures to talk about and dozens of hostel trips to share but, frustrating as it is, they will have to wait until my joints stop aching and my head clears.

Meanwhile, I am going to share some of my favourite photos from this week with you, I hope you enjoy them. I have chosen seven because Seven Saturday Snaps ties in with, in my head at least, a Saturday Selfie post.

Seven Saturday Snaps

Two trains meet on the Luís I Bridge. This is a two-tiered bridge with a road on the lower level and a metro line on the upper level. It connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia, where I am staying.

Lift Lada Ribeira. I had intended to include this free elevator in one of my self-guided walking tours so I was very disappointed to discover it is no longer in use. The girl in the tourist office didn’t even know it existed!

One of the narrow streets in Porto that I explored when I was out information gathering. It will most likely feature in one of my self-guided walking tours, it’s part of one that I am working on.

Hanging the laundry out to dry in Afurada. Hopefully I’ll be writing more about Afurada during the week. It’s a lovely fishing village, well worth a trip across the river if you are ever in Porto.

Looking across the rooftops of the Port Wine cellars, on the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the Douro river, towards the Ribeira area of Porto.

Another one taken from the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the Douro river, towards the Ribeira area of Porto.

And, taken from a slightly different angle, one that I turned into a cartoon drawing. Filters are wonderful things to play about with!

And Betty must get a mention!

This is Betty, the cat I am looking after. I think she has enjoyed me being sick, she has spent most of her time snuggled up with me, my hot water bottle, and this lovely cosy throw.

And, as always, because I would love you to comment, I have a question for you.

How do you deal with the frustration of being ill when you are away from home?

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  1. Sorry to hear you are not your usual self. I take effervescent vitamin c – often if I wake in the night feeling ill- I keep it near my bed with a cup so I can take it without switching on a light and it seems to help me get back to sleep and I usually recover quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Sheila, that’s a good idea to keep your Vit C at your bedside. I never have anything like that handy, I tend to depend on lemons and honey which means getting out of bed to make it.


  3. Being ill is frustrating no matter where you are. Being chronically ill is something new. We’re in the stages of ruling out the “big” things, which in and of itself feels like a joke, this feels pretty “big”. I applaud you for living your life in the face of illness and with an illness that not many are acquainted with. It’s lonely and it’s scary, but at the end of the day we keep going. I’m glad you are paving a way that works for you 🙂 Keep up the good fight!


  4. I guess when we were on holidays, I had to pace myself, for me the hot weather helps too. But I had to sleep every afternoon and decent nighttime routine. Tough going at times and some days didn’t go very far from where we were staying. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • The sun helps me immensely too but it was very dull here for most of January. I usually manage to go out one day in three then rest for two. It’s frustrating at times.


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