Sunday Snippet – Along The Boardwalk

I am staying in Lavadores, Vila Nova de Gaia, at the moment looking after a cat. This is across the river from Porto, the 2nd largest city in Portugal. Most people seem to visit Porto for a short city break and are often unaware that there are wonderful beaches close by. If you are ever here for an extended visit I would suggest you take, at the very least, a day trip out to the beaches.

The Linha Azul Boardwalk

When I walk out my front door it is 200 metres to the promenade and another 300 metres further along is the start of the Linha Azul Boardwalk which stretches for 16km along a stunning shoreline to Espinho.

The furthest I have managed is 10km, when I was here earlier in the year, and I doubt I will ever manage the entire walk in one attempt so I am planning on getting a bus part way along this time and completing the last part.

The walk passes 19 beaches along the route, with mostly sand dunes on the land side. There are numerous cafe/bars and restaurants along the way and benches to rest on.

As this is a Sunday Snippet, and designed to be a short read, I am simply going to show you some photographs that I took in April. If I manage to get the rest of the walk completed I’ll post about it at some later date.

If you are in the mood for a longer read can I suggest you look back on the rest of the posts from this week, some of them have been very popular.

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  1. Looks like a lovely walk, those boardwalks are such a great idea and make beach walks so much easier. The weather is unbelievably better than for our beach walks in Devon this week.


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