Christmas, Stats and Moving Forward.

A very quick glance back and a look ahead.

Having been writing this blog for less than 3 weeks I have to say I am very pleased with how it has gone so far. As I write this I have 32 followers, there have been 489 unique visitors to the blog and 1,623 views. None of this would have happened without you, the readers, so a very big thank you to each and every one of you.

Looking at the stats is fascinating, I can see which countries people are from, what tags have been popular, which search engines have been used, and so many other details that hopefully will be useful as I move forward.

The most popular tag used has been #budget travel, so that gives me a good indication of what to focus on. The majority of people are from the UK with the US coming a close 2nd. I am particularly please to see many views from Portugal so that will keep me on my toes as I try to represent their country in a favourable light, although that’s not a difficult task.

Map showing the countries my blog has reached

Most people have clicked through from Facebook so obviously I’ll continue sharing post on there. No one has clicked through via Google though so I think I need to investigate further into tweaking things in that area. I have so much to learn, I think this will be really good for my brain.

Stats showing where people have found me

I am planning to develop a pattern of posting, for instance, maybe do a post on a hostel on a certain day of the week and on another day something about saving money. Possibly something like a Friday Foodie post and a Sunday Snippet. I am sure I’ll find my rhythm as I move forward.

Meanwhile, I will take a short break over Christmas, I will be spending a few days with my daughter and family. If you celebrate Christmas may I wish you a good one, full of joy and celebration.

Finally, if you do have a few moments to spare in the busyness of the season I would love to know which type of posts you are most interested in so a comment would be most helpful.

Thank you for reading. If you have enjoyed this post and would like to read more you can subscribe to my blog using the subscribe box below.

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  1. Glad your blog is taking off so well Jill….I know you put a lot of effort into it….I’ll look forward to lots more interesting info in the New Year!


    • Thanks Rene. I will be gathering lots of info over the next few weeks. Among other things I’ll be visiting another small fishing village for lunch. The things I have to do in the name of research! 🤣


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