The Time Out Market, Lisbon.

What a delight! If you are a foodie like me then this is a place not to be missed. The Time Out Market in the Mercado da Ribeira hosts 26 restaurants, 8 bars, a dozen shops and a music venue on one side, and on the other multiple vendors offering meat, fish, fruit and flowers.

On my very first visit to Lisbon it was top of my list of places to visit and it did not disappoint. Just to walk around, without even making a purchase, can easily keep a person occupied for at least an hour, or several. To inhale the wonderful aromas wafting from the various kitchens is pure delight and for the eyes there is no lack of visual stimulation.

A few of the kiosks

As well as the kiosks there are several places where you can sit at the counter and watch your food being cooked. I was there early in the morning, just after 10am which is why there are no customers but later in the day it is difficult to get a seat at any of these spots.

The Cookery School

There is also a cookery school, the Academia Time Out, offering a great selection of cookery courses for both children and adults. The courses for children last for 1 hour and currently cost €25 and adults can experience a 2 hour course for €35.

Check out the entrance and upstairs

When you visit be sure to enter or exit via the entrance that leads out to Av. de Julho, where you will see some of the traditional tile mosaics that Portugal is so famous for.

While upstairs you have a wonderful view of all the activity downstairs and can see things from a very different angle, it allows you to truly appreciate the extent of what is on offer. It used to be that you could walk all the way around but now the upstairs is mostly occupied and there is a limited area that you can access. There are some public toilets upstairs.

Photos taken from the upper level (some taken through glass)

Some of the other vendors

As I mentioned earlier, there is also a market in the other half of the building where you will find a mix of vendors selling fresh produce and in the corridor between there are florists and other shops.

In the space between the food side and the produce market there are some lovely florist shops and a great farm/organic shop. Then, over on the other side there are more shop kiosks selling fish, meat and other items. I came across a lovely lady dancing in her fish stall, completely oblivious to passers by. I just had to get her to pose for me.

Speciality Shops

Within the main area there are also some speciality shops with some very interesting items for sale. Look out for the price tags on the 2 bottles of wine!

And now, the really useful information.

If you are wondering about practicalities, there are no steps at any of the entrances that I have used, certainly none at the front of the building. There is a mix of seating available, both high and low, and standing. The tables for standing at have hooks underneath to hang your bags.
There are numerous public toilets both downstairs and on the upper level, although expect to queue at the ones downstairs at the front of the building. You would be better to head to the back or upstairs. Downstairs, at the front there is a disabled toilet and a baby changing room and toilet. The toilets have always been exceptionally clean when I have used them, and I love the fish in the ones at the front.
There are several ATM machines, one in the entrance, one at the back to the left and one at the back as you turn into the fruit market area.
There is WI-FI available.

Opening Times

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  1. They also have a nice and regular cultural agenda, with many events all over the year eheh glad to read your impressions about my hometown! greetings, PedroL


    • Thanks for your comment Pedrol. I haven’t ever attended any cultural events there so couldn’t really say much about that part. However, I love Portugal and have visited many times over the last 3 years. I fell in love with the country, especially Lisbon the first time came.
      I am home now, for Christmas (in Ireland) and will return on the 28th December to Porto for a few weeks and then Lisbon in February.
      I hope I can interest many other people in coming to see Portugal for themselves.


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