Save Your Knees (2) Avoid The Climb to Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon

Make use of the free elevators to ascend into Alfama and visit Castelo de São Jorge

If you have never been to Lisbon you may not be aware that it is known as The City of Seven Hills. 

With this in mind this is my second post on how to avoid a climb and do it for FREE. As I have mentioned many times I am a budget traveller and while Lisbon has many forms of transport (I’ll write more about those in another post) I rarely use them because obviously they all cost money and often involve queuing which I loath, and avoid like the plague.

In this post I am going to show you how to access Castelo de S. Jorge.

And also how to avoid hills similar to these on your journey up to the view points in Alfama (the old town).

You can of course use the local trams or hire a Tuk Tuk but the main purpose of my blog is to save you money so I will show you a route that yes, does involve some walking, but also makes use of the free elevator that is often overlooked by tourists.

There are 2 elevators, or lifts, as we call them where I come from. The first is Elevador Castelo at R. dos Fanqueiros and the second is Elevador da Baixa inside the same building as the supermarket Pinge Doce at Largo Chão do Loureiro. There is an easy walk between to two and is clearly shown in the video below.

Even if you are not visiting the castle these elevators will take you high up into the old town and save your knees, leaving you the energy to explore a little higher up if you so wish.

This video shows my walk, incorporating the elevators, from Baixa-Chiado Metro station up to Alfama

I apologise for the slight delay with some of the text in the video, I am still learning and I have no idea why there is now a delay, it was fine until I uploaded it.

I hope you found the video helpful, I’m gutted the last bit of video didn’t work for me but I am still figuring things out. Below there a couple more videos I took up around those viewpoint in March of this year. You will see that there is a lovely vibe in the area.

A short video taken in March at the Miradouro das Portas do Sol
And this one was taken at Praça Júlio de Castilho, another lovely spot to visit once you are up the hill.

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